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Paragon provides world-class regenerative airheater inspection services for our global customers. Inspections are performed by Paragons’ technical staff who are trained to identify critical areas of the air preheater, while also offering oversight on the proper installation of all airheater related equipment, tubes or ancillary parts.  All customers are provided a detailed report with in-depth analysis of the problems and “work order” sheets which may be utilized by plant personnel in outage/shutdown preparations. See attached link for our sample inspection report.

Turn-Key Services

Paragon offers turn-key removal and installations for customers who do not have the staffing available during outages or shutdowns to accomplish such a technical task.  Paragon’s turn-key services are managed by Paragon’s technical staff to ensure a seamless project with little to no oversight required by plant personnel thus freeing up personnel to focus on other outage/shutdown projects.